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Financial and insurance activities companies in Italy

View 167,659 records for companies working in the finance and insurance sector in Italy.

Access important data about each of these organisations, including detailed financials, credit scores and much more. You can also view information on employees at all levels, including 14,187 executives in the industry. When you're ready to begin your cold calling or email campaigns, you can use the quality contact data to populate your CRM.


Company name 2017 Revenue Age Employees Industry Email & Phone number
PRATO VERDE GROUP S.R.L. 220,114.0 54 4 Agriculture +39049******, ****
ALIFOOD INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. 4,536.0 14 6 Agriculture +39010******, al*****
SOAVE HOLDING S.R.L. 122,801.0 21 1 Agriculture +39044******
HORTILUS SERVICE S.R.L. - SOCIETA AGRICOLA 1,467.0 26 9 Agriculture +39012******
ZANI S.R.L. 1,648,483.0 48 4 Agriculture +39054******, *****
CICCOPIEDI ELEONORA - 17 1 Agriculture -
PRESSIANI HOLD S.R.L. 4,532,609.0 48 125 Agriculture +3903******, ****
AGRICOLA VALLE DEL SAVIO S.R.L. 103,118.0 46 2 Agriculture +39054******
SALMONTRUTTA S.R.L. 846,246.0 37 1 Agriculture +39036******
BRUNORI S.R.L. 1,104,725.0 26 4 Agriculture +39036******
AZIENDA SERVIZI MORTARA S.P.A. IN FORMA ABBREVIATA A.S.MORTARA S.P.A. 2,770,257.0 41 7 Agriculture +39038******
PROGEA SRL 1,166,123.0 25 13 Agriculture +39011******, ****
HPA SRL - 46 34 Automotive +39071******
FIN.AS. S.R.L. 237,157.0 26 3 Automotive +39076******
PADANA SVILUPPO S.P.A. 734,934.0 40 34 Automotive +39030******, centr*****
DABIO HOLDING S.R.L. -414,022.0 45 174 Automotive +39051******, ****
PARDO S.P.A. - 80 564 Automotive +39044******,*****
ELETTROMECCANICA F.LLI COLOMBO S.R.L. IN LIQUIDAZIONE 625,037.0 78 1 Automotive +39029******, ****
EGMAR S.R.L. 120,853.0 40 45 Automotive +39012******, s*****
TERMOMECCANICA - S.P.A. 6,154,477.0 26 24 Automotive +39064******
FLYGT LOWARA ITALIA S.R.L. 29,190,648.0 11 - Automotive +39044******, flygtlowaraital*****
HOUSEHOLD COMPRESSORS HOLDING S.P.A. IN FORMA ABBREVIATA HCH S.P.A. - 19 6 Automotive +39043******, acc*****
MECCANICA SCOLARI S.P.A. - 26 56 Automotive +39026******
NUOVA*F.A.A.B.*FABBRICA ACCESSORI AUTO BOLOGNESE - S.R.L. 10.0 35 9 Automotive +39051******, *****

As the Italian economy continues to recover, so too does the amount of potential for those looking for new opportunities in the finance and insurance sector. Banks loans to households returned to growth by 2015, and loans to businesses by 2016. The banking industry alone employs almost 300,000 people. With no restrictions for foreigners performing portfolio investment in the country, it is an appealing region for investors across the board.

If you're looking to enter this market for the first time, or looking to expand your reach, our Italy B2B directory is perfect. It contains 167,659 records for companies and 14,187 for executives working in the financial and insurance industry. You can view important data such as financial records, credit scores, technologies in use, employee details, mortgages and charges, web traffic sources, and much more.

Our Italian business intelligence platform currently provides {emails} email addresses and {phones} phone numbers for the finance and insurance sector. In addition, we also offer {phones_direct} direct dial numbers, to allow you to skip the frustration of potentially being blocked by gatekeepers.

In order to find the specific types of companies you want to target, you can easily filter all of the 167,659 records. You can do this based on criteria such as company size, years in operation, technology used and sales revenue. You can also filter professionals based on their department, job title and seniority level, so your mailing list is filled with the right kinds of contacts.

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