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Funding Database

Explore possibilities for your business

Spot the best tenders and grants

Find funding opportunities

Contact project coordinators

Get notified when new opportunities are available within your region or industry

Have access to the largest database of funding provided by 400+ donors across 195 countries

Get access to 2000+ new projects daily and contact their supervisors directly via email or phone

Innovate and build the ultimate funding solution for your customers with the Global Database tenders and grants aggregator

Latest news

Easy access to an up-to-the-minute database of tenders and grants combined with the key decision makers contact information, and straightforward API integration, makes it easier to provide maximum value to your clients, creating top-notch tools and enriching your existing data.


Readiness for change

Daily updates on the latest open opportunities and real-time email notifications open new possibilities for you. You can react immediately and contact the key decision-makers directly, thus boosting your chances to get your business chosen for funding. You can also stay assured your own tender-based information product will always keep you up-to-date.


Ongoing synchronization

Global API provides permanent data synchronization so you no longer need to care for constant data actualisation. Just request API access to keep your data fresh constantly and use it most efficiently.


Valuable outcome

An advanced filtering system for both you and your end-customers will allow you to display tenders, grants, awards, new open opportunities, as well as to segregate all data by location, industry, or date. Add value for your client with Global Database tenders and grants platform.


Delivering possibilities

Enhance your product with the latest funding possibilities. Integrate it with Global Database data and give your users the full picture of the most recent investment opportunities. Get continuously updated information on new tenders, grants, awards and more.


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