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Construction companies in Italy

Search from 1,091,902 company records for those working in the Italian construction industry.

Our Italy B2B directory holds valuable insights for organisations based in the sector, as well as information on 22,186 executives. You can view data such as extensive financials, credit scores and technology use, and then target key employees directly with accurate phone and email contact information. Whatever your aims in the Italian construction industry, our online platform is a one-stop solution.


Company name 2017 Revenue Age Employees Industry Email & Phone number
FRATELLI VITALI S.N.C. DI VITALI GIANPIERO E GAETANO - 35 10 Agriculture +39035******, ****
CHIPS S.R.L. 684,115.0 41 7 Agriculture +39057******
ROSA GARDEN S.R.L. 2,855,598.0 8 3 Agriculture +39065******
M.M.T. - MACCHINE MOVIMENTO TERRA - S.R.L. IN SIGLA M.M.T. S.R.L. 2,091,993.0 41 15 Agriculture +39054******
COOPERATIVA LAGORAI 12,009,544.0 33 291 Agriculture +39046******, lag*****
FLORIMPIANTI S.R.L 876,296.0 43 5 Agriculture +39045******, florimp*****
MADINI IDROCASEARIA SRL 1,053,165.0 25 3 Agriculture +39037******
LAVENI MARIO S.A.S. DI LAVENI ROMANO & C. - 25 9 Agriculture +39031******, ****
S.E.I. STRUMENTAZIONE ELETTROTECNICA INDUSTRIALE S.R.L. IN LIQUIDAZIONE 1,688,494.0 58 2 Agriculture +39024******, ve*****
TERMOCOND S.R.L. IN LIQUIDAZIONE 1,504,260.0 59 1 Agriculture +39075******, ****
3 A PROGETTI S.R.L. IN LIQUIDAZIONE 3,918,173.0 38 34 Agriculture +39063******, 3apro*****
PENTA SYSTEM S.R.L. 5,146,483.0 26 33 Agriculture +39080******, ****
VENTURA SRL IN LIQUIDAZIONE 1,047,742.0 18 2 Agriculture +39094******, ventu*****
IMPRESA EDILE DI FLORIS CLAUDIO & C. SNC - 37 5 Agriculture +39078******, flo*****
MIOZZI VITTORIO E GIUSEPPE S.R.L. IN LIQUIDAZIONE 508,746.0 61 1 Agriculture +39045******
DE MARCO NICOLO EUGENIO COSTRUZIONI S.R.L. IN LIQUIDAZIONE 748,648.0 42 2 Agriculture +39091******
AZIENDA SERVIZI SPOLETO S.R.L. 2,295,575.0 18 39 Agriculture +39074******, ****
GRUPPO SQUERI S.R.L. 77,907.0 34 2 Agriculture +39036******
FLORA & PIETRE S.R.L. SOCIETA AGRICOLA 127,732.0 34 9 Agriculture +39079******, ****
GIUSTINIANA S.R.L. 11,154,455.0 25 122 Agriculture +39014******, amministra*****
C.P.L. 2000 S.R.L. 384,435.0 38 5 Agriculture +39069******
FLOR SYSTEM S.A.S. DI BRIGANTE P. 429,140.0 28 2 Agriculture +39018******
ASTEA SERVIZI S.R.L. 1,778,776.0 31 29 Agriculture +39071******, ****
MOVITER S.N.C. DI CACAFRULLI SAVERIO GIANFRANCO & C. - 25 2 Agriculture +39073******, ****

The construction industry is extremely important for Italy's economy, accounting for 18.7% of GDP. There was an 8.9% decrease in the number of construction companies in the country between 2010 and 2016, however the industry is forecasted to see good growth to 2021, thanks to the government's investment in infrastructure and construction projects in energy and utilities.

If your company is looking for new leads and business contacts in the Italian construction industry, our B2B platform is a vital resource. We can offer your business 1,091,902 records for organisations active in the sector, along with information on 22,186 executives. You can easily filter these records based on their number of employees, years in operation, sales revenue, location and more.

After you've found the specific company types you require, you can view comprehensive and clearly presented insights into each of them. This includes details for financial performance, credit score, technologies in use, web traffic sources, Alexa ranking, group structure, corporate ownership and more. You can also view information on employees of all levels, and find them based on their job title, seniority or department.

Contacting your new leads or potential business partners is easy thanks to the {emails} email addresses and {phones} phone numbers provided. We even offer {phones_total} direct dial numbers to allow you to avoid gatekeepers completely and get straight through to the people with power to make buying decisions for their company.

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