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Matera business directory

A total of 571 records for companies currently active in the Matera area, along with 60 executives working across 34 industries.

Filter the database using specific demographic details, find out compressive information about each organisation, and then reach out to the decision makers with direct contacts. Whether you're new to the market or just looking to gain plenty of fresh and quality leads, our Matera B2B database is the ideal companion.


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Our Matera B2B database holds information on 571 companies and 60 executives working in the area. These records contain a wide range of facts and figures in order for you to gain a thorough understanding of each organisation, including their financial performance, how they're structured, who's in charge, which technologies they're using and more.

You can search by company name or narrow the Matera companies list down to just the specific types of prospects you require thanks to the range of filter tools provided. This includes factors such as employee numbers, sales revenue, credit risk, industry, activity (manufacturer, distributor or retailer), and more. You can also filter the professionals listed by seniority level, nationality and job title.

Ensuring that you reach the right people isn't a problem - our Matera business directory includes {emails} email addresses and {phones} phone numbers, with {phones_direct} direct numbers. With these you can easily bypass gatekeepers and get pitching to the people with authority to buy, from the very first message or call.

All of the data in our directory is verified and updated on a regular schedule, both by intelligence web-crawling software and a team of 100 in-house staff. Our email addresses are also validated every 30 days, so we're able to offer one of the most impressive email deliverability rates of any provider.

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