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Motor vehicles equipment


Private limited company (Ltd.)


Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles (293)

Motor vehicles equipment
Locks, Latches and Padlocks
Motor vehicle spare parts
Defence & Security
Engines and mechanical parts

A Private limited company (Ltd.) company, POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L. is located at VIA CARLO MARX, 67, Italy and employs 60 people. The company initiated trading on 27 September 1999 and is listed as Active. POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L.’s is registered under the number RE229381. The company’s main business activity is Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles.

Contact information

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VIA CARLO MARX, 67 , 42124 , RE, Reggio Emilia , Italy


Company Financial Report of POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L.

POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L.’s most recent company financial report, submitted on 2020-12-31, lists an Turnover of €16M and Working-Capital of €6M. The company has a Profit-after-Tax of €1M. This number, compared to the previous year, reflects a(n) decrease Turnover of 22.97%. This % is equal to 19.6 million. The company’s Working-Capital also went up by 6.6 million or 5.45%

Consolidated A/cs

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Turnover 2020

€ 12.3 million

  • Consolidated A/cs


  • Reporting period


  • Working Capital

    € 5.9 million

  • Profit after Tax

    € 824987

Reporting period

POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L. Business Credit Report

A Credit Report POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L. is available for instant download. When we generate this report, we took into account that the company is 23 year old, Turnover €16M, Working-Capital €6M and the Profit-after-Tax of €1M, we took into account if there are any outstanding mortgages or Court Judgements and checked if the industry which the company is trading, Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles, is considered a high level of corporate failures.

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  • Financial accounts for the past 5 years
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  • Outstanding & Satisfied Mortgages
  • Shareholder Information
  • Company Identity

POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L.’s News & Activities


The latest statements submitted by POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L. show a turnover of €16M. Year-over-year, this turnover is equal to a 22.97% increase.


Frequently Asked Questions for POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L.

What is the location of POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L.’s registered office?

The address of the registered office of POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L. is: VIA CARLO MARX, 67, Italy.

How do I get in touch with POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L.?

POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L.’s phone number is: +390522******

How many employees work at POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L.?

POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L. employs 60 people. This data is according to their most recent financial statements.

What is the revenue amount for POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L.?

POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L.’s revenue for 2020 was €16M. This data is according to their latest financial statements. These statements were submitted on 2020-12-31. The company’s revenue amount shows an(a) an increase of 22.97%.

Where can I see the business credit score of POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L.?

A business credit report for POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L. will show you the business credit score as well as information about the company’s credit limit information, ownership, court judgements, group structure and more.

Is there a way to see if POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L. pays their invoices on time?

Yes, on the business credit report for POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L, you will have access to the payment history and trends of POMMIER ITALIA S.R.L..

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